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University Scholarships


Your donation to this Scholarship Fund can help turn a young rural person’s dream of a career into reality.

Many young people in rural Victoria need to leave home to study at university. The cost and challenge of moving can create huge barriers to achieving their dreams.

Youthrive Victoria’s University Scholarships provide payments of up to $10,000 per year to assist with living and study expenses. A Selection Commmittee assesses hundreds of applications to find outstanding young people who demonstrate their leadership potential, resilience and commitment to rural Victoria.

We know that success at university requires more than money alone, so Youthrive Victoria invests thousands of dollars in programs for each scholar, including the Young Rural Leaders program; transition and career mentoring; and a network of like-minded young rural people.

Donations of any size will help to support young rural people to study and succeed. We can even establish a multi-year university scholarship in your name, if you wish. If so, please contact the Youthrive Victoria office directly on

What's in a name? Youthrive Victoria is a legacy of Helen Macpherson Smith. Until 2018 we were known as the Macpherson Smith Rural Foundation and have awarded more than $1.4M in scholarships.

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Yes, as soon as your donation is processed.