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Victorian Gay and Lesbian Rights Lobby

Gay and Lesbian Rights Lobby Appeal

The VGLRL is a volunteer fuelled not-for-profit organisation incorporated in Victoria.

Without a staff or actual office/premises, any income is spent directly on our campaigns that aim to achieve full equality.

We would not survive however without the generous support of people who make donations to our organisation.

We sincerely thank the range of people and organisations that have and continue to support our fight for equality.

The aim of the VGLRL:

The Victorian Gay and Lesbian Rights Lobby represents gay and lesbian interests and work co-operatively and constructively within the political framework and the community at large. The VGLRL maintains a high level of community relevance. While it focuses on key issues, the lobby continually canvasses community needs and assesses the political landscape.

Anyone can become a member of the VGLRL, provided they agree with the mission, philosophy and objectives of the organisation. The VGLRL committee of management is designed to ensure representation of both gay men and lesbians, while still allowing space for members who do not identify as either gay or lesbian.

The VGLRL achieves its goals through representation, advocacy and working with the media.

The lobby maintains effective relationships with decision-makers while at the same time ensuring that it assertively works to achieve equality and social justice for lesbians and gay men.

Our current campaigns:

The VGLRL runs a number of campaigns throughout the year. Campaigns are continued from launch until the campaign objectives have been reached. This sometimes can take a few months or evolve over a number of years.

Examples or recent and ongoing campaigns include Equal Love (formal relationship recognition), Love Makes A Family (family equality; access to IVF and adoption), School Report Cards (discrimination in schools), and Federal election campaigning.

How you can help:

Become a VGLRL member! Your financial support is our primary means of keeping the VGLRL active.

Get involved! The Lobby is always looking for volunteers to help organise and run our campaigns. Please let us know if you have time to spare and are interested in volunteering with the Lobby.

Donate! Donations and bequests to the Lobby are always gratefully received. IF you have a specific request regarding a donation, or would like more information on how to make a bequest to the Lobby, please contact us.

Key Areas of Expenditure

Lobbying and advocacy

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Contact Details

PO Box 21305 Little Lonsdale Street

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Will I receive a receipt for my donation?

Yes, as soon as your donation is processed.