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VI is a not-for-profit arts organization where young people with experience of hardship collaborate with artists to develop, produce and exhibit highly visible public art. VI's principal objective is to positively represent the voice of marginalised youth and provide the opportunity for them to be self-directed, confident, aware, creative and articulate. Our young people gain life skills that lead to positive behavioural change within a social justice framework. The philosophy of VI is to offer meaningful cultural engagement through the provision of and access to training in art, technology and design. We utilise contemporary communication media to exhibit to the broadest possible audience to raise community awareness of the social issues that affect us all.

VI is inclusive and non-discriminatory. We operate from a position of complete involvement of our young people in all decision making including planning, development, management, administration and the creative, design, production and exhibition processes. Through participating in concept and skill development workshops, co-running VI and creating meaningful artworks which express their ideas and experiences, our young members develop a range of long-term cognitive, communication and practical skills. These skills are then applied to other spheres of their lives including future participation in education and training, employment and positive social interaction.

VI recognises that young people's vulnerability to social and economic disadvantage is the result of complex circumstances which are often intergenerational. Without adequate intervention and support they can lead to cyclic patterns of behaviour which are extremely difficult to break and which in turn further decrease opportunities. VI also recognises that these complex circumstances are difficult to represent to the wider community and as such are often not well understood by some sections of the community. This contributes to negative stereotyping of vulnerable young people and the under-valuing of their abilities and potential, which constitutes yet another obstacle. Each project we undertake therefore has a three-fold focus, to:

  1. Operate as a direct intervention program to enable young people to break these cyclic patterns of behaviour;
  2. Offer engaging, practical and meaningful pathways for young people into personal development, mainstream education, training and employment; and
  3. Utilise creativity and high-profile, mainstream technologies and media for young people to communicate their experiences to the broader community to facilitate understanding for the community to engage with young people in positive ways

How will the funds be used?

The funds you donate may be used in a number of ways. The funds will go towards helping us:

  1. Offering a safe and creative environment for young people with experience of hardship.
  2. Further our outreach programs into areas of regional Victoria that are often chronically lacking in cultural community development programs
  3. Continuing to exhibit new and innovative artworks that are collaboratively made by traditionally marginalized individuals
  4. Replacing old or broken materials and artistic tools in our creative studio
  5. Making a substantial contribution to the knowledge base surrounding young people, art, design and technology as agents for positive social change
  6. Continuing to operate as a fertile training ground for community cultural development artists and volunteers

Key areas of expenditure

  • Running Costs (e.g. electricity and water bills, art materials, rent)
  • Seed money for projects (e.g. to aid the piloting of XSite, an initiative aimed at disadvantaged middle-year children (8-12y.o.) living on and around public housing estates)
  • Young people's amenities (e.g. lunch for program participants)







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