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Women and Mentoring - WAM Limited

WAM helping women charged with a criminal offence


About WAM
WAM is a unique, early intervention, community-based program that supports women charged with a criminal offence, or at risk of offending. We match each woman with a supportive volunteer mentor who can help her to navigate the complex and often overwhelming criminal justice system, with the aim of avoiding a prison sentence and avoiding reoffending.  Then the mentor helps her to deal with the underlying issues that have led to the alleged offending.

Far-reaching benefits
Many WAM participants have children. Keeping mothers out of prison keeps families together and keeps children out of the care system, and potentially out of the criminal justice system. The vast majority of WAM participants have experienced family violence. The impacts of family violence are considerable, and they often affect the next generation. WAM's mentors provide support for victims to assist them to escape the cycle of violence they have experienced.

How you can help
Please help us to keep this valuable program going and to expand it into other areas of need. Your donation can help us in many ways:

  • $30 can provide mobile phone credit so that a participant and her mentor can keep in touch.
  • $50 can buy a grocery voucher to help a participant and her family buy food and other essentials.
  • $150 can help a participant who is struggling to pay her bills.
  • $400 can contribute to WAM's running costs and help us expand the program into more areas of need.
  • $1,050 can pay WAM's office rent for a month.

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PO Box 8081

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Will I receive a receipt for my donation?

Yes, as soon as your donation is processed.