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We are a bunch of VERY good looking volunteers working hard at changing the lives of pets and their humans. We can't do our work without YOUR support though and the bills are growing month by month.  Our adoption fees cover the basics, but more and more often, with our growing brood of special needs kids, the vet bills are outweighing the adoption fees. 

Simply put, we need your help.

Vet bills are the biggest cost we see here at WA Pet Project. We provide all our pets in care with a standard microchip, vaccination and sterilisation, however, there are always extras that pop up. An ear infection, an allergy, maybe even an emergency trip to the vet as well as serious orthopaedic surgeries. There have been lots of lump and eye removals lately, and surprises as our intakes grow. Sometimes we're lucky and we have prior knowledge about any outstanding vet work needing to be done, and at other times we don't have any history of the pet. We rescue pets from private homes, from local vet clinics and country pounds. Every rescue is different and every rescue is worth it, no matter the bill. 

If you can help, please consider even just a small donation as it really does add up.


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Yes, as soon as your donation is processed.