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Warrane College, UNSW Appeal

Education Development Association Other Causes...

Education Development Association has listed 3 other causes:
Since its foundation in 1970, Warrane College has been a "home away from home" for thousands of men studying at university. Warrane offers a living and learning environment that is stimulating and supportive. Its residents are challenged to face up to their future responsibilities in society - to be men who make a difference. Warrane fosters excellence and leadership through hard work, a spirit of service and high moral standards. Many Old Boys remember their time at Warrane with great affection and feel that it made a substantial contribution to their professional and human formation.

To achieve its aims, Warrane provides a very high standard of service, facilities and staff dedication. This means that Warrane needs support beyond accommodation fees.

Key Areas of Expenditure

Ongoing upgrade of student accommodation: This is Warrane's most urgent priority.
Provision of scholarships: Warrane offers opportunities to students from diverse backgrounds and nationalities.
Learning resources: Improvement of the library and information technology.

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