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Western Australian Seabird Rescue Inc.

Rescue & Rehabilitation of Seabirds & Waterbirds


Each year we rescue & rehabilitate more than 400 seabirds and waterbirds with a range of problems including entanglement, botulism, beach-washed seabirds after storms, moulting penguins, orphans & various other things.  We are entirely run by volunteers and we receive no government funding.

Donations help to pay for costs of the birds in care - food, vet treatment including surgery & x-rays, medications, housing, as well as equipment for transport like soft-sided pet carriers; equipment for capture - long-handled nets, leg snares, net launcher; the cost of protective personal equipment like gloves & safety glasses, and a small portion of the fuel used to go out on rescues, transport animals to and from vets & wildlife centres, and then out to release sites.

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Yes, as soon as your donation is processed.