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Weave Movement Theatre

Artists with a Disability

Antony is a performer, poet and published author. He also has an acquired brain injury. At Weave Movement Theatre he can pursue his passion for arts practice and performance and receive professional level training to refine his artistic skills. At Weave he is a valued and visible member of society, contributing his ideas to the creative landscape in Australia.

What we do

Weave Movement Theatre is a disability inclusive ensemble of artists who also live with a disability. Artists who have a disability are rarely paid for their work. Weave Movement Theatre aims to create employment opportunities for artists who have a disability by creating new performance work and providing professional development and training to artists with and without a disability in wide range of performance skills including dance, theatre and improvisation.

There are 12 core ensemble members in Weave with many more associate members for specific projects throughout the year.

Every year we present and produce a new performance work.
Every year we develop and research new ideas
Every year we hold regular training and 4 masterclasses to share our knowledge of inclusive dance practices and maintain the skills of the artists in Weave.
Every year 100's of people see our work. Audiences are mesmerized, inspired and connected to their communities and each other by being involved in work that its truly authentic, unique and transformative.

What can you do?

$35 pays for a support worker for one hour to assist 4 artists access and participate in rehearsals and performance
$50 pays the wages for an artist with a disability to rehearse for one hour
$150 pays for a professional and accessible dance class
$1350 pays for one artist to be involved with a new work from beginning to end including 45 hours of rehearsal and 5 hours of performance
$7000 pays for the wages for the Artistic Director for a whole year!

If you would like to donate to Weave for transport and access costs, venue hire and photography please mention this in the 'special message' section of the next page.
Visit us at to see how we spend our donations

Does my donation really make a difference?

Absolutely yes! At Weave, every dollar you donate will go directly to the artists. Nothing will be taken out for administration or any other costs associated with running the company. Without donations, the artists in Weave cannot be paid which significantly impacts their ability to earn a living from their art and participate as equal members of our society.
We are a small arts organization and we thrive on being thrifty! We can make amazing things happen with the smallest of amounts making donations absolutely critical to our organisation and artists we support.
Give today so that artists with a disability can get paid for their work and contribute to the culture of our society equally and without wage discrimination.

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Will I receive a receipt for my donation?

Yes, as soon as your donation is processed.