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Westside Circus supporting youth with disabilities


Westside Circus uses circus and physical theatre to cultivate innovative artistic expression and make a tangible positive difference to the lives of young people from diverse social, economic and cultural backgrounds and to facilitate positive social change in the wider community.

Our mixed ability youth circus program provides young people with disabilities, their siblings, families and carers with access to an exciting program that stretches their boundaries of competency on a physical, intellectual and emotional level.

The fortnightly classes are led by trained and experienced circus trainers, and supported by specialist disability support workers. The program is tailored to the individual needs and abilities of the participants. The participants engage in a wide range of physical activities in a safe and fun environment.

For further information regarding the program and the organisation:

Feedback from participants:

"(I learnt) how to work better with people and co-operate"

"I found standing on someone hard because I was worried if I would hurt them but then they said I was light and that made me feel better about myself"

Feedback from parents:

"MY Circus has been the place where she can be herself, experience success and be a valued member of the group. Her sense of worth assists her to navigate herself through life."

"We didn't know what a treasure we had discovered when we walked in one Sunday earlier in the year, what passion, enthusiasm, not to mention inclusivity and humour we'd find in one place, at Westside"

"I have never seen my daughter so happy"

How will the funds be used?

The program runs with two trainers and a minimum of 2 support workers for every 10 participants. To make this affordable the program is heavily subsidised by Westside Circus, and this is where we need your support. Your donation will enable us to keep the program running on an ongoing basis.

Key Areas of Expenditure

Funds donated will go towards the cost of the disability support workers, Auslan Interpreter, Professional Circus Trainer, venue hire and much needed specialist equipment.

Examples of expense are:

Help pay a support worker to assist young people with disabilities be able to access the circus

  • Cover the costs of a single worker for one session: $70
  • Cover the costs of a single worker for a whole term: $420

Help pay an Auslan interpreter to assist deaf and hard of hearing young people to be able to access any one of our regular term programs at the circus

  • Cover the costs of a single interpreter for one session: $100
  • Cover the costs of a single interpreter for a whole term: $600

Help subsidise the costs of participation in our mixed ability specific classes (which cost more to run than our other classes) so that costs are equal for all participants whatever their needs are

  • Subsidise the costs for a single participant for a single session: $15
  • Subsidise the costs for a single participant for a whole term: $75
  • Subsidise the costs for all participants in a single session: $150

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Will I receive a receipt for my donation?

Yes, as soon as your donation is processed.