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West Welcome Wagon Inc

West Welcome Wagon - General Appeal

Donate to West Welcome Wagon and directly support people seeking asylum and refugees in Melbourne's West.

We are a predominantly volunteer run organisation supporting people seeking asylum and refugees in our local community by providing good quality donations of material goods, neighbour to neighbour social support, as well as special projects such as in-home English support and community engagement.

We facilitate volunteering opportunities for people in our community who care about those in need and contribute to the circular economy by diverting tonnes of good quality items from landfill.

We currently support more than 600 households (over 2,000 adults and children) from 20 countries. Most have absolutely nothing when we meet them and are sleeping on the floor.


Why we do what we do

People seeking asylum and refugees often arrive in our community with no possessions and receive little settlement assistance. After coming from incredibly difficult circumstances in their home countries, they face many challenges settling in Australia, including visa insecurity, learning English, navigating an unfamiliar system, finding employment, and securing affordable housing. WWW seeks to provide much needed essential items to assist families to establish a comfortable home and feel welcomed into their new community while they face these challenges.


By supporting West Welcome Wagon you will be helping some of our community's most vulnerable people. If you are interested in volunteering please contact us at

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