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Women's Health In the North

Women’s Health in the North (WHIN)

WHIN is dedicated to achieving gender equality for women living, working and studying in the northern metropolitan region of Melbourne.

WHIN is a proudly feminist organisation that works hard to ensure that women in the north:

  • Live free from violence
  • Have economic equality
  • Have control of their own bodies
  • Can advocate for their own rights

As the lead women’s health, safety and wellbeing organisation for the region, we work across multiple levels – from government, family violence response services, the police and schools, to hospitals, community health organisations, and local women’s groups - to build their capacity to change women’s lives for the better. 

We do this through:

  • Providing leadership and expertise
  • Developing strategic regional partnerships to ensure we are all working together
  • Delivering gender equity, prevention of violence against women and responding to family violence training
  • Developing resources for sector-wide use
  • Capturing women’s voices and experiences to achieve greater understanding and impact.

 Some of our key initiatives are:

Building a Respectful Community: WHIN leads this strategy to prevent violence against women, in partnership with 25 organisations, across the region.

Northern Integrated Family Violence Services: We integrate and coordinate family violence services across the region.

Going South in the North: We lead the strategy in responding to the key sexual and reproductive health issues affecting women in Melbourne’s north.

Let’s Talk Money: A bilingual financial capacity building program for refugee and immigrant women.

We welcome all donations, large or small.

$30 will pay for two tickets for at-risk women to attend WHIN’s international women’s day event

$50 will pay for a digital community survey on women’s sexual and reproductive health

$100 will pay for a women’s economic equality network meeting

$500 will pay for the printing of prevention of family violence kits

$1,000 will pay for a gender equality training session

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