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Wild At Heart changes lives through music, art and community.
We know what loneliness, isolation look like. What stigma and exclusion look like. And we know how to transform them into self-belief and community.
Fiona is a young woman from a regional Victorian town. She experienced some pretty tough things when she was young which left scars. In her mid 20’s she was diagnosed with schizophrenia. Instead of realizing the hope of a young life, she spent years living alone, seeing no one, too isolated and afraid to seek help.
A year ago a local support person encouraged Fiona to come along to Wild At Heart’s songwriting workshops. She had a previous interest in music which had not gone anywhere.
On day one, coming into a room full of people and spending a whole afternoon with them was pretty huge. But the people were welcoming, and Fiona was encouraged to participate, help out with things and contribute some of her ideas.
Over the course of the workshops Fiona worked with a mentor to write her first song. She recorded with a professional sound engineer and played her first gig at a local hotel, surrounded by 18 other new songwriters and a team of skilled mentors. This was massive. Her family and support workers couldn’t believe the change.
Fiona has now made friends, she’s actively involved in numerous groups, takes on leadership roles, talks of the future and her plans for her music, work and moving to Melbourne.
This is Wild At Heart’s work. We know it transforms lives.
Please help us reach more people like Fiona.
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