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Wildcare Queanbeyan Inc.

Wildcare Public Fund

Wildcare is a registered charity and donations to our Public Fund are fully tax deductible.

We are entirely dependent on donations from the community, and membership subscriptions, to fund our rescue and rehabilitation operations.

We receive no recurrent funding from the federal or NSW governments. 

Wildcare uses your donations only for the benefit of sick, injured or orphaned Australian native animals. 

All donations are spent directly on animal care. 

Wildcare is a wholly volunteer-based organisation with members caring for animals at home. All our activities are run by volunteers. We have no paid staff and maintain no office or rental premises. 

Our very small administrative overheads as an incorporated association and a charity are funded only from membership subscriptions.

Your generous donation will only be spent on animal rehabilitation costs, including:
* specialist milk formula for nursing kangaroo, wombat and possum joeys
* specialist food for recovering birds, kangaroos, wombats, possums, echidnas, bats and reptiles
* veterinary-care bills for injured and sick animals
* medications and medical supplies to speed an animal’s recovery and release back to its native habitat
* building materials for rehabilitation enclosures, cages and aviaries
* supplementary feed for native wildlife recuperating in the bush after being affected by natural disasters   such as bushfire or severe drought
* plus much, much, more.

Our volunteer carers work tirelessly, and often at considerable financial expense and personal sacrifice,  to ensure every native animal rescued has the best chance to recover and be released to live their life in the wild again. 

We just need your generosity and support to help us achieve this.


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Yes, when Wildcare Queanbeyan Inc. is able

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