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ARC Public Fund (for Wildlife Animal Rescue and Care Societ

Native Animal Rescue

In the nineteen eighties, due to the explosion of development on the Central Coast of NSW there was massive clearing of bush land for housing. Many native animals (birds, mammals and reptiles) were orphaned, injured and killed. There was an obvious need for a group dedicated to the care and rehabilitation of native animals .The Wildlife Animal Rescue & Care Society Inc. was born out of a public meeting on I8th April, 1987 to address the problems the local wildlife were experiencing.

The most important word in A.R.C.'s name is CARE

A.R.C .cares for injured, orphaned and sick native animals with the express ambition of returning them to the wild.
A.R.C. cares that animals should suffer as little needless pain and stress as possible. So the A.R.C. has established a 24 hour 365 day a year personally manned telephone service (02) 4325 0666, backed by an extensive network of rescuers.
If an animal is in distress, care is available in the shortest possible time.
A.R.C. cares for the future welfare of native animals and to this end supplies detailed information to local Councils and The National Parks and Wildlife Service (NPWS) from our comprehensive computer records of the problems native animals experience in the Central Coast. Consultants when assessing bushland for attention and planning issues also use this information.
A.R.C. believes that Education is most important for the future of all Wildlife.

A.R.C.'s Education Program provides:

  • Training programmes, including free training for A.R.C. members
  • Guest speakers and presentations to schools and other venues
  • Junior Membership for children under 18 to learn about native wildlife
  • Community outreach at community events

All work performed by members is entirely voluntary.

No A.R.C. member receives any payment for any work done.

Administration is paid for by membership fees.

All donations are directed to the care of the animals in the form of food, vet fees and medication.

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