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Wildlife Rescue South Coast Inc

Wildlife Rescue & Rehabilitation


Our dedicated team of specially trained volunteers operate a 24/7 emergency telephone service where the public can report any injured or orphaned Australian native wildlife. We have specialists who can attend most rescues including possums, kangaroos, birds, raptors, snakes, flying foxes, wombats, lizards, echidnas etc. Call us on 0418 427 214 for all wildlife rescues!

At this time of year, the most common reasons for animals in distress are:

  • Collision with motor vehicles (as many tourists travel in unfamiliar territory)
  • Unusual weather conditions eg extremely high temperature days
  • Entanglement with barbed wire, fruit netting, fishing line etc.
  • Attack by domestic cats, dogs or other feral animals.

All our authorised volunteers have received specialist training to be able to deal with the various rescue events, assessing each animal, taking each into care and providing medical assistance as required. Our aim is to rehabilitate these animals to be released back into their native habitat. Orphans may be held in care for extended periods of time before being able to take care for themselves in the wild.

We are licensed by the NSW Parks and Wildlife Service and comply with their guidelines. Our licence covers the area south of Wollongong to the Victorian border, and including the Southern Highlands, Illawarra and Southern Tablelands.

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