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Circle of Friends Australia Inc.

Willunga Circle of Friends


The Willunga Circle of Friends is a non political, non religious group of individuals, affiliated with Circle of Friends Australia. We support refugees and asylum seekers in our local community. We do this  through:

  •   Establishing and maintaining friendships with refugees and people who have arrived in Australia seeking asylum

  •  Advocating: through attending government and agency appointments, medical appointments, filling in forms, attending school interviews and linking people to appropriate resources

  •  Assisting refugees with living and working in the community

  •  Informing our local community through fund raising events such as the regular Shoe Shine Stall in Willunga High Street and fund raisers such as Quiz nights, Garage Sales and Film nights.


We raise funds to pay for such things as: sports teams subscriptions, medical and dental costs, tools for those on visas that allow them to work, legal fees, family re-unification, swimming lessons and other direct assistance to the people we support.


Your Donation can provide:

 -$50 -English lessons at local Community Centre

 -$100 -Winter blankets for a woman and her son

           -support for pro bono migration agent costs

           -sports costs. "When I am playing sport. I forget about all my worries!"

           -warm winter clothes

           -visa application costs

 -$490 -Graduate entry exam to medical school for a refugee

 -$530 -Three sessions of dental treatment for a refugee.

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Will I receive a receipt for my donation?

Yes, as soon as your donation is processed.