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Matrix Guild of Victoria Incorporated

WINC Middle Women Housing Fund


Extensive research and international experience have proven that mixed tenure cohousing with women with varying financial assets and skills, coming together in a mutually supportive environment, not only facilitates a healthy ageing process but also translates into positive impacts for the wider community.  

WINC  has planned for 30 small, private homes with extensive common facilities to provide a perfect balance of private and shared spaces.  The community will include 17 women who will fund themselves, 4 social housing tenants, and 9 ‘middle women’ who need your help.

‘Middle women’ have some assets ($100-250k) – making them ineligible for social housing – but they don’t have enough financial means to secure a permanent home outright. They are also precluded from accessing commercial financing to buy a home. As a result, these middle women are likely to spend their limited savings on high rent and end up becoming homeless in a few years’ time.

WINC is creating a $2 million Middle Women Housing Fund (‘MWHF’) specifically targeted at providing shared equity to enable these low-income middle women to buy into the WINC community, preventing their future homelessness.  

With your donations, the MWHF will co-purchase with 9 middle women now and will also help future middle women. As these homes change hands, the MWHF will re-use your donation to assist future middle women co-own their homes. Your donation will thus have a long-lasting impact.  

Matrix Guild, a registered DGR1 charity, is auspicing donations for WINC.



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