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Windana Support Centre Inc

Windana Support Centre Inc

Windana Support Centre is a refuge providing crisis accommodation and support for women and children escaping domestic violence. Windana adheres to the belief that the use of violence by one person against another is unacceptable and that women and children have the right to be safe from violence. Windana is committed to actively participating in the prevention, intervention and education strategies that will put an end to domestic violence.

Women and children escaping domestic violence often arrive at the refuge with nothing but the clothes they are wearing or whatever few belongings they were able to hurriedly pack into plastic bags. Clients without access to an income require full financial support for: food, clothing, rent, transport, even medical costs and school fees as they are not entitled to Centrelink, Medicare, Department of Housing, or public education. Our refuge property is owned by the Department of Communities, Social Housing Program and we receive funding under the SAAP program to assist with our wages and operating costs to provide for the running of our programs and our support work. However we receive no funding to provide for the ongoing practical needs of the women and children we support, such as food, clothing and household items. We do not turn away clients who do not have any income, as they are just as desperately in need of our support, perhaps more so as without the support of a refuge or similar organisation, they will often have no other alternative but to return to a violent home in order to survive.

When a woman leaves a violent relationship, she is at most risk of returning to the abuse within the first few days. If her needs can be met appropriately during this time, and a safe and welcoming place provided, then she is much less likely to return to the violence. With your support, we can assist these women and children to start the healing process and begin to build new lives, free from violence.

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