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Wings4Kidz Flights for Children


Having a child diagnosed with a serious medical condition that may require treatment for months, or several years is traumatising for the entire family, but imagine if it also meant several hours or days of travel just to access treatment. This could mean days, weeks or months away from home and the support of family and having to deal with long difficult treatments in isolation away from the support of partners and family. In addition, being faced with travel and accommodation costs of thousands per week on top of the very significant treatment costs is what families face with a seriously ill child. For families living in regional areas this is their reality as they face the significant and difficult challenges to access treatment for a child that is only available in the major hospitals.

40% of families separate during oncology treatment, 70% during renal treatment, and in excess of 80% dealing with long term genetic conditions. Being able to support these families and keeping the family together is an important part of our service.

Wings4Kidz is a registered charity that lessen's the significant burden and effect of long-distance travel for these children and families by providing a specialist free air and ground transport service, and keeping these families together during their difficult journey.

The team volunteers their time to provide this service and 100% of donations go directely to support the flights with no administration or wage costs deducted.


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