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Australia has the highest rate of extinction which means the clock is ticking for wombats too. 

Not only are they facing an uphill battle with their habitat being cleared, being displaced due to their burrows being collapsed, drought, car strikes but most of all they are under siege from mange.

The difference between other species that are on the brink of extinction and wombats is that while the bare-nosed wombat is not endangered yet, they are suffering horribly, more so than any other species. We cannot sit by idly and see them suffer while they are slowly dying of mange.

We estimate that approximately 70% of the bare-nosed wombat population across all states are now infected with mange. It is widespread and continues to decimate wombat numbers. Once a wombat is infected with the mange mite (a tiny parasite from the arachnid family), they will die if they don't receive help. It is terminal for them and takes anywhere from 6 - 12 months of incredible suffering before they die.

Make no mistake, they are not just a bit uncomfortable. They are dying. The mites consume their blood serum and muscle fluid while burrowing deep into their flesh, laying eggs. Wombats scratch themselves until they have open wounds which become flyblown and infected. They cannot properly absorb nutrients which is why you will always see a manged wombat very emaciated but continually eating. They are starving. They are sleep-deprived (should be sleeping 15-18 hours a day but can't as it cannot stop scratching). Towards the end they suffer from organ failure.

Your donation helps me with population size treatment programs as well as helping anyone who asks for assistance with a manged or injured wombat.

My goal for 2020 is to also initiate training programs and raise more awareness.

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