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Women’s Circus has transformed the lives of thousands of women since it opened it's doors in 1991. We work with women of all ages, experience levels, abilities and cultural backgrounds. 

We believe that ALL women should have access to creative and physical expression.

And we also believe that through these opportunties women can become powerful and creative leaders who can support positive change for communities and individuals. 

Creating pathways for change and creativity is not a task we can do alone. 

Your donation will allow us to:

  • improve and make accessible our year-round circus training program
  • support women who experience financial hardship to access our programs
  • create new contemporary circus shows that allow the voices of women to be acknowledged and listened to
  • work with community groups to deliver circus workshops to the women in the services
  • support female artists to make new work and explore their practice
    support and secure our future in the ever-changing arts and community sector

....and of course, don't forget about creating new exciting circus works that showcase the vision, stories and abilities of the Women's Circus members!

Hear from just some of the women who participate in our programs:

"It was lovely to see how much fun and laughter could be created from a few hoops, a load of scarves and some well thought out activities...  we know how invaluable such activities are for (our ladies)" – Caseworker, Asylum Seeker Resource Centre, Women’s Recreation Group

"The scholarship has offered me an incredible opportunity to find my voice, sense of belonging and freedom. It has helped me to reconstruct my identity as an artist and strip away every negative stereotype about vision impaired people from my being, and also to challenge the current thinking and perceptions about women with disability." - Vildana Praljak, Women's Circus Low Vision Mentorship recipient


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