Women's Community Shelters Limited

Supporting Homeless Women

Every night in Australia the grim reality is that 50% of people seeking crisis accommodation are being turned away and even more are 'couch surfing'. Most of the women who are presenting at shelters and refuges are homeless due to two main factors:

  • domestic violence - battered and bruised, always psychologically, often physically
  • mental health issues - usually multi-layered and often complex.

Women's Community Shelters aims is provide these women with somewhere to go: a roof over their head, help with their immediate problems, and support to get themselves back on their feet.

Working in partnership with local communities and government we will set up and support more shelters for women.

We dream that in 10 years we will be announcing the closure of our shelters because the governments programs are working and we simply don't need as much crisis accommodation! Please help us make a difference on the ground.

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PO Box 3368

0409 977 900
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