Who are we? 

Woor-Dungin is a coalition of Aboriginal community-controlled organisations, philanthropic foundations and donors, and pro bono service providers working in partnership to enable Aboriginal organisations to access the resources and support they require, and to achieve self-determination. 

We offer Aboriginal partner organisations help on their own terms to establish strong, evidence-based programs, source philanthropic funds and pro bono support, and strengthen their governance and management skills. 

We offer philanthropic organisations and pro bono service providers the opportunity to engage effectively with Aboriginal partner organisations in a shared endeavour. 

We work to tackle structural issues on a systemic level to reduce disadvantage, informed by our relationships with a broad range of Aboriginal and non-Aboriginal stakeholders. 


Our vision, mission and principles 

Our vision is for Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander people and their rich culture to be acknowledged, valued and embraced by Australian Society. 

Our mission is to increase resources, build strong partnerships and share knowledge to fulfil the purpose of Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander organisations. 

Our principles are: 

  1. Self-determination: Aboriginal organisations will determine their own future. 

  1. Community development: We work to empower the Aboriginal community-controlled organisations we partner with. Rather than do things for them, such as write their grant applications, we provide our Aboriginal partner organisations with training, assist them with project development, give feedback and advice, provide information on sourcing funding, facilitate introductions to potential funders, help with acquitting and documenting impact, and provide ongoing support. 

  1. Reconciliation: Aboriginal and non-Aboriginal people work together to enable Woor-Dungin to realise our shared mission. 

  1. Advocacy: We tackle structural issues on a systemic level. Our direct work with Aboriginal organisations informs our advocacy and policy development. 


What do we do? 

Woor-Dungin operates over a number of program areas: 
Aboriginal Partnership Program 

Our core program. Woor-Dungin's Aboriginal partner organisations are provided with resources and support towards fulfilling their strategic goals.

Aboriginal Community Worker Support Program 

Woor-Dungin, in collaboration with the Bouverie Centre and our Aboriginal partner organisations, is developing a pilot project to provide 24/7 immediate support to staff, board members and Elders from our Aboriginal partner organisations who deal with critical incidents.

Criminal Record Discrimination Project 

Victoria is the only state in Australia that doesn't have a spent convictions scheme. This means that even after 10 years a petty crime can still show up on a criminal record. At the same time Victoria's Equal Opportunity Act doesn't prevent employers discriminating against people because of a criminal record, even when the crime has nothing to do with the position they are applying for. 

Woor-Dungin has heard from many Aboriginal people that they have faced discrimination in getting a job, getting insurance, being approved as kinship carers, and serving on community or government committees because they have a criminal record. 

The Criminal Record Discrimination Project seeks to change this. 

We propose two key reforms: 

(1) the introduction of a legislated spent convictions scheme in Victoria, and 

(2) an amendment to the Equal Opportunity Act 2010 (Vic) to prohibit discrimination against people with an irrelevant criminal record. 

We are working with a range of stakeholders to make sure that such issues facing Aboriginal Victorians are fully understood by the state government and are part of the case for change.

Maarni Aboriginal Women's Leadership Program 

Women nominated by our Aboriginal partner organisations participate in training, mentoring and work experience, and are introduced to resources that can help them to achieve their goals.

Philanthropy Australia National Moderator for Indigenous Issues 

Woor-Dungin is Philanthropy Australia's National Moderator for Indigenous Issues. Our Aboriginal Advisory Committee reviews a range of informative and educational materials for uploading to Philanthropy Australia's website to help funders make informed decisions.

Respectful Relationships 

Woor-Dungin believes that genuine, respectful relationships between Aboriginal community-controlled organisations, philanthropy and pro bono service providers are needed to increase investment in Aboriginal communities and contribute towards closing the gap between Indigenous and non-Indigenous Australians.

Contact Details

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03 9639 9757
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