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Working It Out Inc

Supporting our work with LGBTIQ+ Tasmanians & their families

Our mission is to celebrate and support diversity in gender, sexuality and bodies in Tasmania by building individual resilience, community capacity and a more just society.

Working It Out is Tasmania's gender, sexuality and intersex status support and education service providing:

Direct support

Free and confidential support and information for community members, friends and family regarding sexual orientation and gender identity.

Support & Education in schools

Providing resources, support, and education programmes for staff, parents/carers and students.

Support & education in the work place

Providing support and cultural awareness training through the development and delivery of programs focussing on inclusion and diversity.

Support & education in the community

Peer support groups, advocacy and policy development, plus WIO's web site, resources and information.

How will the funds be used?

Funds will be used to address discrimination experienced by lesbian, gay, bisexual, transgender and intersex people.

Key Areas of Expenditure

To provide programs for young people (eg Pride Camp)
To provide LGBTIQ+ inclusion training for tertiary courses (currently offered for free)
To develop and maintain resources (eg SignPost,

Your donations help us run activities such as our Pride Camp:

Pride Camp was offered in 2019 as a 2-night camp for LGBTIQ+ teens and allies. Here's a quote from a parent of one of the 2019 campers that sums up Pride Camp pretty well:

"The happiness and confidence that I saw in [my child] during and after the camp was radiating.  I could tell without even talking to [them] that [they] felt safe and like [they] were able to just be [their] true self at camp without the weight of the world that [they] sometimes carry on [their] shoulders.  Being able, as a parent of a transgender child, to be able to come into camp and see the kids interacting together and to see the bond they had all made in such a short period of time, was heart-warming.  They had only met 2 days ago but I could tell there would be some ongoing friendships that hopefully with last for years to come.  These kids found something in each other that maybe made them feel a little less isolated in a world that they sometimes feel that they do not fit into.  I loved being able to see the camp and meet the amazing people that made this camp happen and that gave my child such an amazing experience.  I could see the bond not only with the kids but also between them and the staff.

I feel the benefits of attending this camp has been massive for [my child] and for us too. To see [them] relaxed and happy was just great and to see this new-found confidence in [themself] is fantastic.

I cannot express my thanks enough for all those who worked so hard to make it happen."


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