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Green Point-Terrigal Community Services

Green Point-Terrigal Community Services

Green Point - Terrigal Community Services is an expanding organization that provides essential services and programs across the regions of Green Point, Erina, Wamberal, and Terrigal. Central to our operations is the vibrant Green Point hub, serving as a pivotal community nexus where individuals convene for social interaction and engage in our diverse program offerings.

We are actively seeking financial support for several critical initiatives. First and foremost, our Food Pantry Program requires funding to sustain the sourcing of pantry staples and fresh produce, ensuring the provision of nutritious sustenance to families and individuals navigating economic hardships.

Furthermore, we aim to secure financial backing for our school holiday activity programs. These programs encompass a spectrum of enriching workshops catering to primary school children and teenagers, ranging from surf lessons to culinary and craft activities.

Similarly, financial support is sought to maintain our Home School programs, where homeschooled teenagers assemble bi-weekly for both educational and social connections.

In addition, we are in the process of establishing a playgroup in Green Point, specifically designed for children aged 0-4 years. This is in response to the growing community of new families seeking opportunities to connect with one another.

Our commitment extends to sustaining a breakfast club at a local high school, ensuring students commence their academic day with well-nourished bodies.

Moreover, we anticipate the development of additional programs, such as the formation of a support group for new mothers in Wamberal.

We emphasise that your generous donation will be channeled directly into these programs, fortifying the resilience and vitality of our community.


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