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Harrison's Little Wings Inc

Harrison's Little Wings Support Services


We have several support options in place, as we know that each family is unique.

We encourage family's to choose the support they need. Families are welcome to receive any or all of our available support options.

 Precious Pregnancy Packs - Our packs are an information source to give you and your family something tangible to read when you are at home in your safe space.

 Practical Support Program - Harrison’s Little Wings can help with the costs of practical services to relieve your everyday pressures, such as house cleaning, yard maintenance and travel costs.

 Peer Support Program - Where possible, we like to organize low-key informal morning teas for families to meet and chat.

 Treasured Memories – Due to the uncertainty of your pregnancy, you may want to take the time to create special memories of you and your baby while you are pregnant - keepsakes for you to treasure for years to come.


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