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William Light Foundation

Save the Flinders Ranges from Dirty & Dangerous CSG


Dear Friends of the beautiful Flinders Ranges,

The planned site of the Leigh Creek Energy Company (LCEP) CSG operation is an Aboriginal Heritage site and home to many rare and endangered species of birds.

Underground Coal Gasification (UCG) was the cause of the single biggest environmental disaster in Queensland's history. The disaster at Chinchilla devastated 300 square kilometres of land and has destroyed the lives of innocent people in that region.

Linc Enery was found guilty of wilful criminal negligence in May 2018 and in 2017 Queensland banned this form of CSG mining for good.

The Minister of Mining & Energy Dan Van Holst Pellekaan has ignored us and now thankfully concerned lawyers from Victoria, NSW and South Australia are planning actions to help stop the destruction of this beautiful environment.

The William Light Foundation seeks your help to cover some costs and make this action successful; so that you, your children and future generations can always enjoy the wonderful Flinders Ranges.

We support the SA Greens Bill to ban UCG in South Australia forever.

Thanks all, this is a great investment now for all communities across Australia fighting for their rights and their precious environments, against these reckless corporations.

Kind regards,

Chair - William Light Foundation

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