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Yellow Ladybugs Ltd

Yellow Ladybugs Ltd

Yellow Ladybugs is an autistic-led non-government organisation with strong bridges to the community. We are dedicated to the happiness, success and celebration of autistic girls and women.

We believe autistic individuals of all genders deserve to be recognised, valued, accepted and supported in order to realise their full potential.

Yellow Ladybugs runs regular informal social events that offer peer-to-peer connections for autistic girls and gender diverse young people, generally between the ages of five and sixteen. Our events bring our members together in an inclusive, fun and sensory-friendly setting.

Underpinning every Yellow Ladybugs event, our mission is to foster a sense of belonging, to help our autistic members connect with their peers, and to instil a sense of autistic pride within our community. We are also committed to being part of the growing conversation around the specific challenges and support needs of autistic girls, women and individuals. We actively seek to address the many challenges the autistic community face, including barriers to diagnosis, lack of inclusion in school and employment, and access to support services.

Yellow Ladybugs is an inclusive organisation, and while we have a particular focus on autistic girls and women, we recognise all genders and welcome trans and gender diverse autistic individuals into our community. We consider that the different presentations of autism exist across all genders, and as an organisation, we seek to dismantle all stereotypes which are harmful to the autistic community. We know that autistic girls and women, and particularly those with hidden needs, and a more internalised presentation, continue to be significantly disadvantaged, however, and we remain committed to our mission to reduce these disadvantages.

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