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Warlpiri Media Association (trading as PAW Media and Communications) is an Aboriginal media organisation based in Yuendumu in Central Australia. It has a national and international reputation for its research into Aboriginal media in the early 1980s as well as for its production Bush Mechanics which was shown on ABC national television. Our website at shows the extent of our media work in remote Aboriginal communities.

We are currently planning the setup of an education room for adult community members to undertake computer training, as well as have access to online resources to support study with vocational training providers. This will support people gain employment as well as build confidence in basic computer literacy. The room will be able to be used by a variety of training providers.

The room will also provide access to videos from the nationally significant Warlpiri Media Archive. The videos support language and culture maintenance. A small theatrette is planned for the room. Local community organisations, including the local school, will be able to book the room for education and cultural transmission purposes.

We are working on a project with the NT Library that will provide funding for Internet access, and up to 4 computers. We need to extend the number of computers to meet the demand for training in Yuendumu, as well as the demand for access to culturally important and locally produced media held in the Archive.

How will the funds be used?

The funds will be used to support the establishment of the Culture and Education Room. The room will be open to all community members to engage in training as well as provide opportunities for senior cultural people to teach young people about culture and language.

The funds will be allocated to a special purpose "cost centre". PAW Media has strong financial systems with financial management undertaken by the PAW General Manager, and an Alice Springs based accountancy firm oversighting proper accounting standards.

Key areas of expenditure

  • iMac computers (refurbished) x 8 - $14,172
  • Software - $16,000
  • Painting of room - $1,500
  • Computers desks and chairs -$1,600







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