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Zephyr Education Inc


Domestic violence is at epidemic levels nationally. A drastic consequence, often overlooked, is that the education of the children involved is severely disrupted. Many arrive at shelters with just the clothes they are wearing and without school uniforms, textbooks, stationery and other school essentials. This means they will stand out from the other children at their new school and be more likely to be bullied at a time when it is vital for their self-confidence and continuing education that they fit in.


How Zephyr helps

Zephyr helps these children get back to school as quickly as possible by providing, or paying for, school uniforms, including shoes and socks, text books, stationery packs (specific to each child's year level) and all other required equipment such as calculators and headphones. We also supply school bags, swim packs, lunch boxes and water bottles and pay resource levies (e.g. for computer access) and sports fees so that the children do not miss out on these important activities. Our intervention means they arrive at school in the right uniform and with the same books and equipment as their new classmates, maximizing their chances of successfully resuming their education.


Why our help is needed

Shelters are not funded to provide the school clothing and educational necessities we provide. Zephyr is currently supporting the educational needs of children in 47 domestic violence shelters throughout Queensland. We are also supporting children in all of the six shelters operating in Tasmania.


Proportion of funds spent on essential school items

Zephyr spends almost all of its funds on school clothing and other school necessities. This is possible because Zephyr operates rent free from private premises and incurs negligible transport costs as school items are transported throughout Queensland and to Tasmania free of charge by fright companies. Zephyr is run solely by volunteers who receive no remuneration or expenses for their work.


Are donations tax deductible?                     Yes   

Will I receive a receipt for my donation?    Yes

Impact of our help

The importance of the help Zephyr provides is confirmed by the feedback regularly received from shelter staff, for example:

I just wanted to thank you so much for the school bags, books etc. you delivered at… last week.  We really appreciate your support and already have three children benefitting from your generosity.  It is a great help to us and a big relief for the mums, that the children have the necessities for starting at a new school. Once again a big thank you as we really do appreciate your help for the mums and children coming through our service.

 We also received this email recently from the deputy principal of a state school:

This email is to express our appreciation. A student at our school arrived day 1 with her school bag packed with books and other resources. This has allowed her to maximise her learning and start her educational journey with confidence and a smile.

Zephyr Education made this possible.

Thank you.


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331/197 King Arthur Terrace


Are donations tax deductible?


Will I receive a receipt for my donation?

Yes, as soon as your donation is processed.

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