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The generosity of supporters like you is what will make our vision of a sustainable world with less waste possible. Zero Waste Victoria addresses the growing issues of waste, recycling and sustainability in our community.

Our efforts include:

  • Community education to inspire and empower waste reduction and sustainable actions
  • Advocacy through government inquiries and reviews including Victoria’s parliamentary inquiry into Waste and Recycling Inquiry, Product Stewardship, National Waste Strategy, Environmental laws, Circular Economy policy and more
  • Encouraging manufacturers, retailers and business to implement more sustainable practices
  • Research to gain an understanding of consumer habits and drivers and measures we can take to reduce waste
  • Working with people to create community-based solutions to waste challenges
  • The annual Zero Waste Festival

    To extend our work, we need help from passionate people like you, who strive to live a more sustainable life for the good of our planet

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