Communify Qld Ltd.

Community Support Services

Communify has been working with the local community for over 40 years to develop and deliver locally based services and activities in response to the issues and opportunities that life can present.

We offer services that enable us to reach out, advocate, connect and inform. We offer support around people's needs, interests and issues. We work with local people to promote a diverse, socially just and inclusive community.

Our services are client-focused and aim to support people to achieve their personal goals, remain independent and involved in their community. People can connect with us through joining one of our many community-based

activities or talk to us about how our services could be of assistance We respect the rights of individuals to self determination.

Our door is always open and we welcome enquiries about how we can help.

Our Food Relief Pantry relies on donations to support the urgent need for food in our local community. Access to our Pantry is one of the many ways that people can connect with us and can be the first step towards seeking support for the challenges they are experiencing.

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180 Jubilee Terrace

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Will I receive a receipt for my donation?

Yes, as soon as your donation is processed.

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