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Girls Rock! Melbourne

Girls Rock! Melbourne


Girls Rock! Melbourne (GR!M) is a registered charity organisation with the mission to empower and educate female, trans and gender diverse youth, using music as the medium.

Throughout the year, Girls Rock! Melbourne holds events to support our mission, including twice-yearly school holidays music camps, professional songwriting and recording opportunities, and an instrument lending library for underprivileged youth. At our popular school holidays day camps, participants aged 10-17 develop their musicianship and increase their self-confidence in a supportive and safe space. Over five days, they form bands, attend empowering and educational workshops and live music performances, learn instruments, and write an original song with an experienced mentor. On the weekend following camp, the new bands play their songs for the first time to a live audience at a showcase gig. Participants need no prior musical experience and receive daily instrument lessons that cater to their level of ability. Our daily workshops focus on empowerment (self-defence, positive body image, creating supportive social networks, music HERstory), and industry skills (songwriting, ‘zine making, screen printing band t-shirts, band marketing, etc.).

GR!M camps provide intensive skill training that spans not just musicianship and professional skills, but personal development as well. Facilitated discussions educate participants on how to identify discrimination and break down barriers (on personal and industry levels) to ensure full participation. Our next goal is to bring GR!M's school holiday camp to Castlemaine in April 2020, in an attempt to reach regional youth interested in music who may not have as many opportunities as those in Melbourne. Outside of GR!M camp weeks, we are in the process of developing and expanding several programs to continue our participants' personal development and year-round engagement in musical activities. These include our "Girls Rock! Lending Library" where youth are given access to instruments that they normally may not be able to afford, so they can continue to write music and improve the skills they learned at camp. We also have just finished running a pilot recording program entitled "Studio Sessions", where two young bands rehearsed with a mentor in preparation to record 2-3 original songs in a professional studio. The songs were recorded by a team that includes a professional sound engineer and 3 young people as sound engineering students throughout the recording process. These sound engineering participants developed basic sound engineering and recording skills. 

With your help, we can continue to expand our programming and reach more young people who would benefit from our programs. Donate now to help amplify the voices of the future!

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