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Northern Rivers Community Foundation
We help you help others

One way you can help us to help others is to get behind our “Donate a Coffee a Week “ campaign.
We aren’t asking you to give up #coffee! Gosh no! Instead just donate the price of a coffee a week to NRCF. Your donation will go towards the running of NRCF so we can keep our Grants program running, keep our staff employed and keep you informed of all the amazing work our grant recipients are achieving in our community.

The NRCF motto is “We help you help others” and that describes exactly what we do. We are the bridge between those who are most vulnerable in our community and those who have a commitment to giving and helping others. And because we are a community foundation where donations are invested to build a perpetual fund, that means we are a bridge that will continue to support those in need for generations to come. In other words, NRCF will always be here.

That is why Community Foundations are the fastest growing form of philanthropy in the world today — they are the most sustainable model because only the income from the investments is given away. That means every dollar donated keeps on giving, year after year.

To ensure that our endowment funds remain in perpetuity and not used for the running of the organisation, NRCF holds an annual fundraiser and campaign - Donate a Coffee a Week!

Just 500 donors donating one coffee a week would ensure our foundation has the adequate resources to support the running of the organisation and our grant programs. That's only 0.16% of our Northern Rivers population! 

Please share this campaign with your friends.

Help us to help others. 

Our heartfelt thanks for your support.

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Will I receive a receipt for my donation?

Yes, as soon as your donation is processed.