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Farming communities in Flores and West Timor are amongst some of the poorest in the world. These people suffer a dry period of 7 to 8 months a year. A family in these rural areas typically cultivate between 0.25 - 2 ha of land where they plant maize, casava, and some fruit and vegetables. Some grow coconuts, cocoa, chashew nuts and Tamaring which produce small incomes. Food is short. Malnutrition and other health issues are a constant and serious  threat which causes high maternal and neonatal mortality and stunted growth.
The schools in these areas often lack skilled staff. The majority of teachers have finished high school but have no other training or qualifications. 
Your donation will be used to support NTA activities in Eastern Indonesia. The key acitivities include: 
  • Improving agricultural production and other livelihoods to increase incomes and enhance food security
  • Construction of cement tanks and toilets to improve health and hygiene
  • Supporting schools and their teachers to improve education - a key step in tackling poverty.  
NTA is an Australian non government organisation that focusses directly on improving the lives of these people. Over 30 years the organisation has honed its approaches and delivers quality programs in agricultural improvement, health and hygiene and education. These programs are aimed at breaking the poverty cycle and creating sufficent food and income for a healthy life.
NTA enjoys a strong volunteer support and this provides a broad range of skills and keeps administration costs to an absolute minimum. We engage directly with communities and they must work as a collective to access support. Communities plan and prioritise their needs and must co contribute including often by doing the work. This high level of local participation promotes group development and a sense of ownership which contributes to the sustainability of the programs. Groups only receive additional funding when previous activities have been adequately completed.
NTA meets Australian expectations for the delivery of aid programs. NTA is a member of the Australian Council for International Aid and is accreditated by the Department of Foreign Affairs and Trade. 

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