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Nusatenggara Association Inc

To reduce poverty among poor farming communities in the East Nusa Tenggara province of Indonesia

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2021 Flood Appeal

This appeal is to help poor farming communities in Eastern Indonesia recover from the horrific storms of April 2021.

100 Tanks Campaign

The appeal is to provide 100 water tanks to poor farming families in Eastern Indonesia. Clean and reliable water is essential for good health.

NTA Overseas Relief Fund

To support poor and struggling farming communities and schools in West Timor and Flores in Eastern Indonesia.

Ikat Weaving - empower women through sustainable livelihoods

By supporting NTA’s ikat initiatives, you can help to preserve tradition, support women’s economic empowerment, and improve lives in East Indonesian communities

NTA's COVID-19 Emergency Appeal

Please donate to NTA’s emergency appeal to combat COVID-19.

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