RISE (Refugees, Survivors and Ex-Detainees)

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The RISE Food Bank provides free dry food, fruits and vegetables for asylum seekers and refugees at the RISE Drop-In Centre every Friday.
Accepts donations of Food

RISE: Recurring Donation

RISE is the first not-for-profit refugee and asylum seeker organisation in Australia to be run by refugees, asylum seekers, and ex-detainees. As such, we view those who seek assistance from RISE as m

RISE Queer Project

RISE Queer Project is the first and only project run and managed by queer eX-detainees, Asylum seekers and Refugees who are all people of colour.

RISE General Appeal

RISE: Refugees, Survivors and Ex-detainees is the first welfare and advocacy organisation governed entirely by refugees, asylum seekers and ex-detainees in Australia. We advocate on behalf of our mem

RISE Advocacy

The RISE Advocacy portfolio was first created in 2010. Since and even before the portfolio’s inception RISE has been inundated with requests from our members for advocacy support in a number of areas.

RISE Drop-In Centre Appeal

RISE is a grassroots refugee organisation which is entirely controlled, staffed and run by refugees, asylum seekers and ex-detainees.

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lvl3, 247 Flinders Lane Ross House