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Imagine being a happy, trusting puppy, being surrendered because your owner couldn’t afford to care for you and your litter. You feel sick, and so weak and thirsty, but you can’t keep down any food or water. You hear people say that you have parvovirus, that it is often lethal for little puppies, and that your chances of making it aren’t high. You are scared because there is a lifesaving drip into your vein, and people wearing lots of quarantine clothes have to keep giving you medications at all hours of the day and night.


That’s what it was like for Ava, Ron and Rex, who came to RSPCA Darwin with parvovirus, struggling for life. It took over a week each in hospital, and thousands of dollars of care, but they fought hard and survived against tough odds.


Today, we are asking for your support to help us help Ava, Rex and Ron, and many animals like them. Today we are asking you to consider donating a monthly gift and becoming an Animal Advocate.


A small monthly gift of $15, or whatever you can afford, means that we can provide puppies like these with medications, intensive care and socialisation so that they are ready to be adopted when the right family comes along.


Your monthly gift comes with a very special, personal title: RSPCA Animal Advocate. Animal Advocates are the backbone of the RSPCA supporter network. They are a select group of individuals who are making a profound and lasting difference to the lives of thousands of animals each year through a monthly donation.


RSPCA Animal Advocates are responsible for saving the lives of Ava, Ron and Rex. Their monthly donations meant that we could plan their treatment – safe in the knowledge that we would not have to give up due to lack of funds or other animals that need us.


After two long months in our care, the whole litter found their forever homes, all thanks to your support.


One small monthly gift of $15 a month, which is 50 cents per day, might seem insignificant, but its true value is measured in the life-changing benefits it brings to animals in our care. Regular giving is by far the most helpful way to assist RSPCA Darwin, as you are giving us a greater ability to plan ahead, implement and maintain life-changing services and ensure we are equipped to sustainably help more animals in need.


Please take your support one step further and consider becoming an Animal Advocate.

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